The owner of a fast-food franchise has exclusive rights to operate in a medium-sized metropolitan area. The owner currently has a single outlet open, which has proved to be very popular, and there are often waiting lines of customers. The owner is therefore considering opening one or more outlets in the area. 

1) What are the key factors that the owner should investigate before making a final decision? 

2) What trade-offs would there be in opening one additional site versus opening several additional sites?

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1) Briefly explain the purpose of each of these control charts:

     A. x-bar

     B. Range

     C. p-chart

     D. c-chart

2) Classify each of the following as either a Type I error or a Type II error.

     A – Putting an innocent person in jail 

     B – Releasing a guilty person from jail

     C – Eating (or not eating) a cookie that fell on the floor

     D – Not seeing a doctor as soon as possible after ingesting poison

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1) Reflect on your life, personal or professional and provide an example or examples of independent and dependent demand.  Make sure to provide a compare and contrast between independent and dependent demand.

2) Briefly describe MRP and ERP.

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