MGT5650.E1 Contemporary Management Issues

Dr. Carol A. McGuffin


Personality Self-Assessment (10%) 

Self-Assessment exercises can be used as an opportunity to evaluate your own management and communication skills. The point of these exercises is to challenge you to think about how you can improve these skills.

You will receive an email during the first week of class that will have the link to the MBTI. Please take the self-assessment personality quiz.  Once you receive your results you can look up your personality types on the QEP website.  

Write a summary, covering the following points:

· Analyze your learning style as well as your MBTI type.

· Do you think the assessment is correct?

· Why is personality type important in the workplace?

· As a manager, what skills are needed to manage various personality types in the workplace?

· How does your personality type affect your management and communication skills? 


All assignments must be typed and reflective of graduate work.

1. This is an individual assignment and as such, you must not give help or receive help from another student or individual.

2. This assignment must be submitted via the Moodle Portal and is generally 4-6 pages in length.

· REQUIRED: PLEASE INCLUDE A PDF OF YOUR RESULTS. This does not count as part of your overall page count.

3. Each time you turn in your assignment, please include the following information.

1. Assignment number and title.

2. Student’s name.

3. Course:  MGT5650.E1