Mis/disinformation. Bid 5 hours to get Approved.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a public health multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.


Two of the most important objectives and learning outcomes of education are to advance students critical thinking skills and to promote students media literacy. This has become much more important over the past few years.

Misinformation and disinformation (M/D) have been part of the human culture with the arrival of language in the form of rumors. They have spread like wildfire in every corner of our life thanks to the advent of social media. These could come from individuals, corporations, organizations, and even governments for monetary or political gains. While misinformation could be errors and benign, disinformation is deliberate, maligned lies that could kill people. It is important to protect ourselves and families and friends. Below is just a short list of real-world issues that could affect us but with both solid supporting scientific evidence and mis-/disinformation.


You will be assigned three topics from which you will chose one to write the final paper. Please organize your paper in the format recommended and describe your finding for both science-based evidence and non-science-based claims. In conclusion, you may discuss how do you or would you detect and combat this M/D yourself and on a larger scale.

Format of the paper:

  • Cover Page: Topic # (e.g., 2C. You do not have to re-type the prompt) and of course, your name, section #, and term/year on the cover page.
  • Description of the issue: background and introduction. Cite the source of data/facts that you used.
  • Misinformation/Disinformation (M/D). Cite the source by using a number as listed in References.
  • Scientific Facts. Cite the source by using a number as listed in References.
  • Conclusion: Discuss how have you or would you detect and combat the M/D yourself and on a larger scale.
  • References: List the source you cited according to the order in your text (MLA, APA or PubMed format).
  • at least 5 references

Requirements: 3 double spaced pages excluding references