Week Ten Assignment – Marketing Plan Executive Summary

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Marketing Management MKT500

Dr. Lisa Amans

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Marketing Plan Goals and Measurement

Start the first paragraph here. Talk about your goal (s). Remember that a goal is measurable, time specific and realistic. Everything you have developed in this plan leads to your one year or five-year goal (s). Also make sure to remember the difference between a goal and strategy. A strategy gets you one step closer to your goal, but it is not the same as your goal. Finally, how will you measure your progress on these goals.

Key Components of the Environmental Analysis

In this second paragraph discuss the most important information that you learned in the environmental analysis specific to the competition, the economy, technology, legal changes, political changes, and sociocultural changes that may have an impact on your hypothetical business. You may not need to discuss everything but should note the external factors that are most relevant to your business.

This information must be properly cited and sourced. You should understand SWS formatting and providing information that is not plagiarized.

Target Market and Positioning

Start the third paragraph here. In this paragraph describe the specific primary target audience that is the focus of your marketing plan. Think back to the buyer persona exercise that you created for Pinkberry. While you may not be able to include all that information here, what are the most important aspects of that definition.

This should also discuss your positioning statement which you developed with the help of your perceptual map. This is the strategic statement of who is your target, who are you better than in the competition and why are you better than that competitor.

The Four P’s of Your Marketing Strategy

This final section will be a brief summary of the 4 P’s of your marketing strategy. You cannot cover every detail here, but you can connect the dots between your target, the external environment and key points in the S and W of the SWOT.


1. Enter the first source entry here – Remember that you are to provide quality, credible, academic sources to support this analysis. Make sure to look at the author and where this information was published to help determine if this is reliable content. The Strayer library is the perfect place to find quality academic sources. You also need to use both an in-text citation and a source that is properly formatted using the SWS format. The Strayer library has a citation generator and a source generator to help you.

2. Enter the second source entry here – This is another reminder that your sources must follow the SWS formatting guidelines. After 10 weeks there are no excuses.