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Why would a course in Marketing be helpful even if you don't pursue marketing as a career?


1. Marketing is the study of communicating value to someone else. It is essential in the every day world and is used in almost every facet of life. Without marketing, giants of their respective industries like Doritos of PepsiCo, Red Bull, and McDonald wouldn't be nearly as large and omniscient as they are today. Their marketing strategies propelled them to be what they are today. Now, you are not an industry giant (yet) and may never be one. But that does not mean marketing is not a capstone to society and your every day life. Being an effective marketer is being good at establishing important relationships, saying the right things in an interview, getting the price of a product lowered to satisfy your perceived value of it. If you are wanting to go to X restaurant and your partner wants to go to Y, you both market the idea of the restaurants and typically pick whichever sounds better at the time. It is a concept that is used so much in daily life, that most of us don't even realize we're using it. I will not be pursuing a career in marketing, but I will definitely be using the techniques and ideas I learn in this class to help further my career in computer science.

2. To be honest i did not think that a marketing course would be helpful at all towards my major, which is Accounting, so my answer was going to be short. With that being said i had to really look into the question and do my best to not be biased and now I have a different perspective. What i now understand is that Marketing and Accounting go hand and hand and for a business to be truly successful the two need to stay connected. The Marketing department needs the finical information that the Accounting accumulates to figure out the company's budget. Also, the Marketing department will give the Accounting department a warning or some insight about the company. Which in return they can make the careful decisions that will keep the business on course and maintain success. So, i can admit that having this Marketing course will benefit me in my accounting degree without any hesitation.