MODULE #1 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS FOR Class Preparation and Participation

Healthcare Legal and Ethical Foundation

INSTRUCTIONS: This written assignment will not be separately graded but is your ticket to participate in class and receive a grade for Class Preparation and Participation. Copy the questions, then type your answers below each question. Save your answers in a Word document using 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced. Upload your written assignment by the due date and times posted in D2L.

There is no partial credit for preparing but not attending class or vice versa. 



Part I: Sanifel v. Department of Health Ethical Dilemmas:

a. What principle(s) (described in pages 10-21 ) did each of the following demonstrate. Provide facts to explain why you picked the principles you selected:(1) Sanfiel(2) The State Board of Nursingb. What virtues and values (pages 22-38) do you think each of the following held? Provide facts to explain why you picked those virtues and values.(1) Sanfiel(2) The State Board of Nursing(3) Charter(4) The news media.

Part II: Ethical Reasoning Exercise