Module 11: Adaptive Leadership – Discussion Question

Module 11: Adaptive Leadership

In this module, you will explore the theory and model of adaptive leadership, which is utilized by scores of managers and organizations to ensure they create and maintain an organization that can adjust to an ever-changing economic and societal environment. This environment requires organizations to be nimble and flexible, attributes that those who study adaptive leadership become well informed about, and then utilize these attributes to create a more malleable organization.

Discussion Question

Question Requirements:

Adaptive Leadership

Throughout this course we have conversed about leadershipparticularly its importance and uses within an organization. One aspect of leadership that is becoming increasingly relevant is adaptive leadership, mainly because of the ever-changing world in which we live.

In the following discussion question:

Compare and contrast one theory of leadership with the theory of adaptive leadership.

Then select one model of adaptive leadership (e.g., situational challenges, leader behaviours, and adaptive work) and showcase how that model can be utilized to addressand potentially resolvean issue or problem with in your organization, or one you are aware of in Saudi Arabia.


  • Discuss the concepts, principles, and theories from your textbook. Cite your textbooks and cite any other sources.
  • Write a discussion that includes an introduction paragraph, the body, and a conclusion paragraph to address the assignments guide questions.
  • Your initial post should address all components of the question with a 600-word limit.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine the role of adaptive leadership and authentic leadership in an organization.
  2. Assess how adaptive leadership facilitates a positive response of employees in changing environments.



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