Module 5 The Internet as a Global Information

Task summary: Put together a PowerPoint presentation that contains all the answers to the questions the CEO is most interested in. 6 slides, and with 100 speaker notes for each slide. Only use the attached 3 sources.

Full order description: MAIN DETAILS:

The CEO has asked you to put together a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings to her executive staff. In the notes.section.of.each.slide.outline what you’d say as you present each slide. These are the questions she is most interested in:

1. How much of her operation could she move online? Is it just sales, or could she also contract out clothing production? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

2. Is it possible to do custom tailoring and fitting of clothes online? If so, provide an example of a clothing company doing this. How would this affect her clothing return ratio?

3. Would she still need the warehouse, or could she move that online too?

4. What are some options for moving sales online while maintaining her customer focus, who are used to being pampered by the sales staff?