Module 9 Discussion


Note: You should turn in written work only to this discussion or to the other discussion board on mental health in a U.S subculture. (Pick one discussion to participate in.) You must post before you will see anyone else’s posts.

1/Original post

After watching the lecture video and reading your required readings for the module, watch a mukbang video on YouTube originating in either in South Korea or one from another country which is following that mass-eating practice. Take notes on the video (using timestamps you can cite) and analyze it in terms of three specific points made in the following article referenced on your syllabus: Strand, Mattius and Sanna Aila Gustaffson (2020), “Mukbang and Disordered Eating: A Netographic Analysis of Online Eating Broadcasts.” Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry : 44(4): 586-609. (found on Library Course Reserves after you log in to the library )(200-word min)

  • Be sure to fully reference your video in your post, which means starting with the name of the person or organization who created the video, the year, the title of the video, and a weblink that directly allows your fellow students to access the video.


Analyze a student’s post who has not yet been responded to (ideally) in an original post that brings in new ideas from class materials and cites them explicitly (e.g., Swan Module 9 Lecture Video Part 2 2024; Mattius and Gustaffson et al. 2020:600). Watch the video that your fellow student watched before analyzing their analysis (150-word min). Remember the goal of the response is to continue deepening the discussion by adding new information on it and your take on the material.