Course Readings

· Peter Johnston, 

· Rita Pierson –   

· Larson & Marsh (2015) – chapters 6-8 (pp. 115-173)

· Fisher, Frey, & Hattie (2016) – chapters 1-2 (pp. 2-70)

This paper should be 4 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins with APA citation format. You are to use your course texts and videos in this paper;  no outside sources.  It should be well written and organized, include a reference list when appropriate (in APA format

In this assignment you will be asked to reflect on the readings and video and discuss the following citing your readings as appropriate and relating theory where applicable:

· how play and centers support vocabulary

· how the language we use with children impacts their identities and agency

· how you can create deeper knowledge and transfer

· begin to examine your own language choices and biases

· how play, centers, and language can be reimagined in your classroom based on the readings and videos so far

· what theories seem to be impacting your thinking and choices the most.