Module 3: Professional Rationale

Based on your knowledge of the  school environment and Focus Learner provide a professional rationale about your area of strength and your area of refinement – what do you want to do better, why, and how will it impact student achievement? You will need to consider how the information from the school profile impacts how you will address  as you teach in this school.

1. Review a School Report Card of the school in which you are working. If you are not working in a school, use this link ( I am not working in the school, please use this link) (NYC School Report Card  and Long Island School Report Cards  ), NYSED school and student data    NYCDOE Link to School Quality Snapshots.    

2. Read: What is a Title 1 school ? to an external site.

3. Based on the School Report Card and Focus Learner Profile, provide a professional rationale for your areas of strength (“glows”) and refinement (“grows”) that addresses the following:

· What do you do well?

· What do you want to improve and why? How will it impact student achievement?

· How does the information from the school profile impact how you will address cultural relevance as you teach in this school? 

4. Please think about what the information on the report card helps you understand about the school environment. What does the data represent with respect to performance on the high stake's exams? What does that lead them to understand about teaching and learning. I know we placed specific questions in the module.