SCI 100 Module Four Activity Template: Turning Questions into Hypotheses


Write a hypothesis that is directly related to the research question you finalized in the previous module. Use instructor feedback on that activity and the knowledge you have gained from the course resources to assist you. Replace the bracketed text with your responses.


The following example may provide some guidance on writing your own hypothesis.

Finalized research question:

What is the relationship between abnormal gut bacteria and inflammation?


If the gut bacteria Faecalibacterium, Roseburia, and Coprobacillus are elevated, then a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis is more likely.

Write your hypothesis phrased as an if/then statement.

[Insert hypothesis.]

Explain how your hypothesis is directly related to your finalized research question (in 1–3 sentences).

[Insert text.]

Explain how your hypothesis is testable (in 1–3 sentences).

[Insert text.]

Explain how your hypothesis is falsifiable (in 1–3 sentences).

[Insert text.]