Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative

This case describes a creative meeting between senior managers at PepsiCo and their ad agency, BBDO during which new creative for Mountain Dew’s year 2000 advertising was selected.

After you have read the complete case history, consider these questions and respond.

Choosing creative is not just about your gut and what you personally like. It’s about putting yourself into the mind of the target consumer and understanding what he or she will respond to. It’s about ensuring that you enhance the perceived value of the product. It is also a complex multi-dimensional decision and a systematic set of decision filters is often put into place. These filters include:

1.Is framing of brand benefits compelling?

2. Is expression of brand symbolism appropriate?

3. Will the ad resonate with target culture?

4. Is it engaging simple, original creative?

5. Does it integrate product into story?

6. Is it effective extension of campaign equities (is there a central ideas that will this translate into many different ad extensions for an entire campaign?).

Review the following five Mountain Dew Advertisements and then please answer the following questions in you response:


Do or Die:

Mock Opera:

Labor of Love:


1. Which ad is your personal favorite and why?

2. Based on decision filters( stated above), make a solid decision based on target audience (confirm who this is) and these filter pre-requisites as to the order of best to worst ,with 1 being best as to choices of Pepsi Management. Explain why you believe top three are best and bottom two are worst.

3. Respond to at least two of your cohorts as to their choices and your opinions on their rationale. We will discuss this in far greater detail in class.

Happy watching and have fun! We will continue the discussion in class.