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Choose TWO AUDIO examples (not video clips) from Unit 1 and write a 150-word journal that presents details of each song as well as comparisons. Audio examples are found in the modules area or click.

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For our first Listening Journal, please compare an original Rhythm and Blues (R&B) song and it’s cover version. Your options from this unit are either:

“Sh’boom” by the Chords (R&B original) and Crew Cuts (pop cover)


“Shake Rattle and Roll” by Big Joe Turner (original R&B) and Elvis Presley (cover country-based rock n roll)

Utilize your textbook and the PowerPoint presentation for this assignment. Include information about the audio examples including the artist, the genre or style of the music and instruments used. Please comment on the melody, rhythm, timbre, form and text of each song. How does the song change when it’s covered by different artists in a different genre? You may also want to refer to the lecture presentation for clarification of musical terminology.


Your Journal should be around 150 words (5 pts), cover all of the topic points (5 pts), and be submitted on time (5 pts). There are 15 points possible for this assignment.