My Motivation for Becoming a Counselor

This paper is a culmination of what you have learned in Units 1-4. You will identify characteristics you possess that will make you a great counselor You will explain your cultural background and/or life experiences and how these will impact the work you will do with diverse clients.  Instructions:  Discuss your reasons/motivation for wanting to become a counselor. In your paper, tell about when and how you made the decision to become a counselor (or contemplating it).  Describe what you think it takes to be an effective counselor, which of these attributes you possess, and which ones you think you may need to acquire as a student.  What role will your values play in the counseling process? Please be sure to include ethical considerations for working in a helping profession. Requirements: Four pages minimum, six page maximum in length, excluding the Title and Reference page. APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works. At least three scholarly resources.