Naked brand Video Analysis-Marketing management

Part 1:

 After watching “The Naked Brand” video, discuss innovative ways you’ve seen advertisers engage consumers (beyond the examples given in the film) -2-3 paragraphs

Link For the video:

Part 2: Give comments (1-2 Paragraph) for below discussion provided by my class mate on Naked Brand video


I think having a great brand message, supporting a cause, and having a quality product are great ways that organizations can engage consumers. I first saw Bombas when they appeared on Shark Tank years ago and they are a company that I think checks each one of those boxes. Their mission is to donate one item for each item sold. If you buy 8 items, they donate 8 items to homeless shelters and people in need. To date theyve donated over 75 million items. It feels good to support a company that gives back and is just not in business to maximize profits. The quality of their product is also excellent and I would highly suggest you give them a try. I bought four pairs of socks years ago and they are still in great shape and theyre extremely comfortable. I think word of mouth and peer to peer referral of products goes a lot further than most companies advertisings dollars. Just like how the video compared the 20 million Chanel spent on an ad compared to the Pepsi Refresh Project that gave 20 million back to communities and generated a lot of great energy around the brand.