Neva AA music powerpoint


Using Power Point Point, construct an historical project on 50 Years of Hip Hop. 


Do not use black background, yellow or red font on your slides. 

Do not send a links to Google Slides, Submit the power point directly into Blackboard and I must be able to open the document and listen to the music. 

The project must include 15 total slides: Title page, summary statement and 13 more slides. 

Title Page: 50 Years of Hip Hop 

 MUS 216 African American Music

 Elizabeth City State University, Spring 2024

 Your Name:

 Douglas Jackson, Instructor. 

Second Slide. Write a brief summary on the impact of this music on American Music business and culture. 

Slides 13- 15 

Select photos and YouTube videos for significant artists, balance the project between gender and ethnicity. Refrain from embedding videos with adult themes or nudity. Avoid profanity when possible. On each slide provide an explanation on why you selected this artist. Below are samples of a wide range of music. You do not need to use them, they are just for your information.