This is about the third activity of 10 marks for the course ACCT 301 (Cost Accounting).

This course, ACCT 301 (Cost Accounting), was selected as a socially responsible course last year as part of the university’s social responsibility initiatives. This implies that this semester also, the third activity of this course should be a presentation that demonstrates some aspect of social responsibility,

What to Do?

Step 1) Prepare Power Points Presentation on any topic of your Course Cost Accounting demonstrating that how this is helping in achieving the social responsibility. [5 – 6 Slides are Enough]

Step 2) Submit Your Presentation File to the Blackboard with the Cover Page Mentioning the Following Details:

Student’s Name

Student’s ID

Course Code – ACCT 301

Course CRN

Name of the Course – Cost Accounting

Name of the Instructor – Dr. Shahid Husain

Semester and Academic Year – Semester 2 – 2023-24

Marks Obtained –

Maximum Marks – 10

Step 3) Presentation of the Topic Prepared in the Class [Individually] as per the following schedule : [Presentation for Maximum of 2 Minutes]