Novel Study

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Link to Audio Version of the Novel:

Now begin reading the novel. After you read each chapter, answer the questions for that chapter. Write each answer in complete sentences.

The Black-Eye-of-the-Month Club pages 1-6

  1. Why is Junior a member of the Black-Eye-of-the-Month Club?
  1. Why does Junior draw cartoons? What do the first two cartoons depict? What does this tell us about Junior?

Why Chicken Means So Much to Me pages 7-13

  1. What does Junior identify as the worst thing about being poor?
  1. What happens to Oscar? What does this illustrate to the reader?
  1. How is poverty a cycle for Juniors family?

Revenge Is My Middle Name pages 15-24

  1. Describe Rowdy and Juniors relationship. What do they do for each other?
  1. What is the Spokane Powwow?

Because Geometry Is Not a Country Somewhere Near France pages 25-31

8. Describe Mr. P.

9. What angers Junior about his geometry book?

Hope Against Hope pages 32-43

  1. Why does Junior throw his geometry book? What does it signify?
  1. What is Mr. Ps advice to Junior? Why does he give him this advice?

Go Means Go pages 44-47

  1. How do Juniors parents react to his decision to change schools? What does this show about them

Rowdy Sings the Blues pages 48-53

  1. How are sporting results used to compare the two schools?
  1. How does Rowdy react to Juniors decision to move schools? Why does he react in this way?

How does Rowdy disguise his pain?