Week 5 Qualitative Data Analysis

Narrative Text on Challenges of Staying in the Hospital

001Hospital food is the worst! I had a really hard time getting it down. I had a lot of pain the whole time I was in the hospital, and I often had to wait a long time for medications to help with the pain.

002 It felt like I was always waiting: waiting to get testing done, waiting for medicine. Waiting is hard.

003The hospital smell really bothered me. Because of it, I also had a hard time keeping food down and sleeping.

004Staying in the hospital is hard, because you aren’t around your own stuff. I wanted my bed and my TV. I really hated waiting for the doctor to come in and talk with me about my condition.

005While I was staying in the hospital, some of my belongings went missing. I think that they were stolen. I ended up with pneumonia, and the staff did not communicate what was going on with my condition.

006I didn’t feel like the staff really cared about making me feel better. They seemed to want to get out of my room as quickly as possible.

007 I didn’t like being woken up in the night to get vitals or medicine. One time, I was given the wrong medication in the night as well.

008The nurses were very loud went a little “stir crazy,” too, just sitting around all day.

009The hardest part for me was being away from my husband and kids sleeping was really difficult there.

010 I’m not very good at waiting. The sitting around drove me a little crazy. I also had a really hard time being away from my dogs.

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