The final project for this course is a retrospective that identifies the "lessons learned" from the Scrum Team's product-development process. For assistance with writing this final retrospective, you will reflect on your thoughts in journal assignments as you take on the various roles on the Scrum Team.


In this fourth journal assignment, you will think about your work as the developer and how changes are communicated to the agile team. Respond to the following questions:

· What requests would you make of the Product Owner and/or tester?

· How do you ensure you will get the response you need to move forward?

· How does the agile methodology allow you to be more flexible in your approach to development?

In addition, write an email to the Product Owner and tester, specifying what you need to move forward with development under the new plan and prompting a proper response from the recipient. Be sure to identify the recipient of the communication and the specific information you expect to receive.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your assignment as a 1– to 2–page Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.