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Coaching is a vital tool in any employees arsenal to address various problems, especially in terms of navigating relationships and personalities in a team environment. In this scenario you will address a team problem using coaching skills assuming your role as a consultant to a company vice president (V.P.).

Scenario: You have been called in as a consultant by the V.P. of a manufacturing facility to coach struggling line supervisors who have been inundated with orders for medical devices in the last six months. The metrics received from upper management suggest that each of these product line teams are really not functioning like teams. Lately there has been a lot of turnover in these teams because the company tried firing some of what they termed were the trouble makers of the teams who they say were slowing up the efficiency of each team and not monitoring the robots on the assembly line efficiently. Then several team members left voluntarily saying they did not like the recent firing of their teammates and they were tired of having a micromanager always monitoring them every minute on their shift, and expecting too much of them.

In addition, in a survey, the line workers stated that the supervisors seemed negative and de-motivated to help them and oblivious to their workload and their needs to better operate the robots.


  • Specify the problem(s).
  • Explain what coaching techniques you will use with both individuals and the team as a whole to address the situation.
  • Explain the feedback will you provide to coaches and how you will further their development.

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