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  1. Paper for music. This course requires one paper. The paper must be 5-7 TYPED pages double-spaced and is due on Thursday, April 4. ( Click on “Paper Spring 2024” to complete)TOPIC: Listen to Antonin Dvoraks Symphony #9 “From The New World” Op. 95 ( on youtube)ASSIGNMENT:You must include in your paper a description of the musical piece,information about the composers life, and an explanation of why you liked the piece or not.You will be evaluated on your use of the music vocabulary and ideas learned in class as you use them to describe why you like the piece or not.This work is in four movements.Please cite any websites you use to gather information at the end of the paper.(You may need to listen to the piece several times before you are prepared to write about it.)A good paper will cover each of the following:*Background on the composer and his music*Usage of learned music vocabulary from lecture*Addressing each movement of the composers work*Students individual opinion on the music