My last supervisor was a great leader and very fierce, she is authoritative and has clear expectations. We had weekly meetings, but would interact much more than that. I do appreciate how she pushed us because it did create an overall expectation of putting in 110% even if there is a failure along the way, as long as you did everything you could to achieve success with the team then thats what matters. The failure would push you to do even better next time. 

However, there were times where she pushed us maybe a little too much. I don't feel like there was always understanding on her part when there should have been. 

Overall, she was the best leader we had at this company and I am so lucky to have been on her team and working directly with her. 


Dr. Lee is the new president at Cornerstone Medical Services (CMS). Her role is setting up new policies and dividing the CMS operation committee’s roles. She contacts me often with calls, texts or emails about the change in the CMS leadership. One thing that Dr. Lee does well is that she demonstrates understanding of the impact of change on the staff. She communicated with me about each change of policy. When I shared a different opinion, she thought it over and responded promptly. She values my opinions. One thing Dr.Lee could improve on is providing a clear definition of how change aligns with strategy. When she assigns the committee roles, she does not do it logically. She assigned the same role to different committee members. No one knows what their responsibility is.  


One thing that worked well with a leader I had before was that they were very good at providing clear definition of goals and the outcomes. Meanwhile, they could've improved on encouraging direct feedback.


One thing that worked well with the last supervisor I had was they have a good leadership traits clear communication and effective decision-making. One thing that could be improved is being more flexible and open to new ideas and feedback.