Snomed CT is a big deal because it is the most comprehensive clinical terminology in the world, and more than eight countries utilize it. This code system is the most computer-processable terminology in the EHR, allowing interoperability between many users from different platforms. Snomed CT is a part of the  Health Information Management Technology standards, meaning that all healthcare facilities must utilize and meet Snomed CT standards to allow universal interoperability across the globe. 


SNOMED CT is a big deal because it is one of the most widely used universal clinical terminology systems used within EHRs. Since it is so universal, it is the best-standardized system as it makes it easy to document and exchange patients' medical information across hospital systems. SNOMED CT works by using codes to capture diagnoses to be able to document the most accurate and efficient medical data. Clinicians are able to use this data from SNOMED CT to be able to provide the best care for their patients.


SNOMED-CT is the health information interoperability standard in the US, which means every health organization must utilize it/meet its standards. It captures granular details of patient visits/procedures and records clinical details of what the patient underwent. This data can be used for analytical reasons to find issues, find/follow trends, predict outcomes, act as proof etc.


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