Outdoor Play Activities

Choose two age groups from the following:



Preschoolers (ages 3-4)

Kindergarten (age 5-6)

Early Elementary (ages 6-8)

Older Elementary (ages 9-11)

Construct a list of 4 age-appropriate large motor physical activities or games for children for outdoor play. 

Two activities for each of the two age groups of your choosing.

Research various websites, articles, or books and locate physical outdoor activities or games for a specific grade level and age group of children.  

Each game or activity must have a cited source.  Try to be creative and innovative.  The game of tag probably doesnt have a source (Who made up tag?)- but there are lots of forms of tag that are very creative.

Include objectives for each large motor activity or game

Hint: What are children learning by doing this activity or game?  (just getting exercise is not sufficient)

Use the Physical Education TEKS   as a source for what you would learn from an activity or game

Think about physical, social, emotional and cognitive benefits – include benefits from at least two of these areas. 

Use the following format:

  1. Each game or activity must have a cited source.  
  2. Describe the large motor outdoor activity or game step-by-step so anyone could pick up the activity and use it.
  3. **If the activity involves water, a safety tip MUST be included
  4. Include objectives for each activity or game
  5. Include one thing you would adjust in the activity for a child who has different physical abilities than a typical child of that age.