Outline and Resources – You are to turn in an outline and resource list for your project  before the end of week 5 and submit it to the proper folder.  Part two will not be accepted unless part one is turned in.

You must turn in an outline and a list of resources for your project no later than the end of week five.

1. Use either an Alphanumeric Outline, a Decimal Outline, or a sentence  hierarchical outline.

2. The list of resources you expect to use includes websites, books and films. This should be in the form of an  .

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 As you prepare for the Outline of your Final Paper, here are some things to keep in mind:

· Wherever you are in your writing process, it's important to remember that you're trying to show me what you've learned in the course

· Make observations and connections and integrate vocabulary and concepts we're learning

· Think about the organization. Simply listing the elements in the assignment prompt is not an outline

· The thesis statement is the most important part of the outline 

· I would like to see a full sentence outline. The more complete your work is now, the more helpful and substantive my feedback can be. I look forward to seeing how your work is developing!

· You should plan to spend about more time on this stage of the assignment (research and outline) than on the final stage of the assignment (rough draft and polish)

·  can assist you if you get stuck or need some extra help 

· Final Essay Stage Two – Samples of Outline and Resources ( )( )