Packback 14

this has 3 parts must answer professor question with thesis and refrence from the Making of the West text book. Second you must ask a question with a full description of the question with references the you must response to 2 students.

Professor Question:What do the primary sources for chapter 14 reveal about Christianity, civilization and colonization, culture and conquest?

 You may use Columbuss letter as well as the contrasting views of Luther in addition to the Sources primary sources. 

Student responses: Raffel:In what ways was Europe affected by the discovery of the Americas?

Portugal’s and Spain’s maritime explorations brought Europe to the attention of the rest of the world. The Portuguese and Spanish sailed across the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. The English, French, and Dutch followed later in the sixteenth century, creating a new global exchange of people, crops, and diseases. As a result of these expeditions, the people of the Americas confronted forces that threatened to destroy not only their culture but even their existence. Write a couple of sentences about how Europe was affected by these changes.

Source: The Making of the West

Will post second student when done