PDSA Worksheet

Learning Goal: I’m working on a excel multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

1-please use your own words don’t copy and paste (no plagiarism)

2- Please use keyboard (don’t use handwriting)

3- The Answer should be in the seam excel attached

I work in task to improve the badging section in our work, I have attached an Excel file that contains the answer in 3 parts: Action plan, the do part, then go to the PDSA report to answer the yellow shaded part, do, then the statistical date part to answer it.

Also I attached file to help you to get in the idea

The questions


1-Was the cycle carried out as planned?

2- Collect feedback from those who participated in the testing

3- List the problems or unexpected events that were encountered?


1 What do the data show?

2 Was our prediction(s) confirmed?

3 If not, what did we learn?

4 Compare the data to what was predicted (C21) and summarize the learning