Philosophy Question


I want you to write about one thing that you figured out in this class that matters. It could be something about arguments, about ethics, epistemology, your team project, something about yourself, something about humanity, something about how to live life, something about working with others or

In short, I dont care what it is that matters, as long as it truly does matter to you.

I do require that:

  • You cite at least three different readings that you have explored this semester.
  • When you write about our class readings, it needs to be accurate.

Make sure that your essay has a clear focusoutlined in the beginningand what you claim is backed up by clearly structured arguments or references to texts. Be precise and clear. Your essay needs to have a minimum of 2 pages and should not be longer than 4 pages.

Criteria: Clear structure, consistency, quality of definitions and arguments, and clear writing. Academic standards of quoting and CLEAR REFERENCING.