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Cumming Falls

Cummin Falls is the 8th largest waterfalls in Tennesse. Hiking and swimming are favorite activities. The average time to hike the falls is about 1 ½ hours. There is no entrance fee to hike the trail. The hike to the falls involves walking the river. It also involves having your feet wet. Cummin falls offers beautiful nature scenery. Falls drops 75 feet tall. The structure of the falls is a stairstep ledges. It is worth seeing.

This is Sawyer. He is a hearing service dog for my dad. He is 7 years old. Born on August 07, 2015, in Arizona. He came from Dog For Life Organization. His breed is black Labrador. Sawyer helps notify my dad with doorbell, phone ringing, oven, and fire alarm. He likes to eat and sleep when off duty. He is very friendly. He likes to play fetch.

Philippines  Travel guide at Wikivoyage

This is the country Philippines. It is an archipelago, or string of over 7,100 islands. The three main island groups are Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It’s beloved for over 36,000 km of pristine white beaches. It’s home to the world’s longest underground river. It boasts three of the world’s largest shopping malls. An island with more volcanoes than towns. Jeepneys are still the most popular mode of transport. The national bird is the Monkey-Eating Eagle.

A person lifting weights  Description automatically generated with medium confidence

That is me yelling at my friend. Working out has been a part of my routine growing up. It is also a way to challenge and discipline myself. It’s a stress relief for me. Working out also brings people to interact or inspire people with the same goals. I work out 5x a week. I usually combine weight training and cardio on my workout. I liked to deadlift the most because it work outs a lot of body muscles.