Lawsuits in sport and recreation have increased over the past 10 to 15 years. List two factors that you believe could explain this increase. How could risk management plans control these factors and concomitantly eliminate some of the litigation? Support your responses with specific examples and/or references. Please do a search online to locate a legal case involving sports facilities. We also have numerous other sports-specific resources available for students. To access these resources, please click  for the Sports Management resource page at the Trefry Library.  


Option 1: Describe Murray’s concept of “need” and discuss one of the need theories addressed in chapter 7 of the textbook. Why did you pick this particular theory?


Many individuals with ADHD also have problems with drug and/or alcohol abuse. Many children with ADHD received psychopharmacological treatment. Does receiving daily medication at an early age put these children at risk for later substance abuse problems?  Please support your writing with your sources.


After viewing the two videos below, imagine what it would be like if your memory only had a 30 second maximum capacity; that is, if in a half-minute or less you forgot everything you just experienced, including information received from your environment and its accompanying feelings?  What do imagine your greatest challenges in everyday living would be?  What about positives?  If you had to come up with some what would they be?


Color is all around us, but just how deeply integrated is the phenomenon of color into our senses and neural pathways? Describe trichromatic theory and opponent-process theory of color vision, including the observations on which it is based and the physiological basis of each theory. Lastly, watch the video on synaethesia below, and discuss what it means to say that color is created by the nervous system. Explain what everyday life would be like for an individual with the disorder, including its impact on occupation, relationships, and leisure time. Be sure to include how the disorder might affect the person's behaviors and experiences in these settings.


Discuss the differences between a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis. In doing so, elaborate on why typically qualitative method studies do not state a hypothesis. Additionally, if you are going to use hypotheses in your research proposal list and discuss them. 


1) What are the steps to investigating a burglary?

2) What types of evidence are usually associated with this crime and where would you expect to find the evidence at a burglary scene? 

3) Find the burglary statute for your home state and summarize it.


Business: Klassik Hair salon

Where will you get the funds needed for technological innovation(s) in your organization?  Depending upon your stage of development, your needs may vary. For example, does your company need funds to create a minimum viable product or a fully featured product? Or, are you operational and looking to implement a production or manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system? Regardless of your specific needs, you will need money invested in technological innovations for the business you are in. What are those needs and where will the funds come from? Why did you choose those areas to get funding?


Business: Klassik Hair Salon

What key information would you want to obtain from financial statements to evaluate a company before making a decision to purchase an existing company? Which of the ratios in their analysis would be most valuable to help in your investment decision? Explain. Analyze the launch of a new-to-market product or service. What strategies did the company use to create awareness and generate demand? Evaluate why they succeeded or failed. Explain. 


This week, please write a summary of a food safety violation you have observed in the past, and what resulted from that observation.

Did you speak up and tell a manager or ask that your food be remade? Did you walk out of the restaurant? Did you not want to make a fuss and ate it anyway, hoping for the best? Now that you know more about how harmful this food safety violation may have been, would you do anything differently today if you witness something that could cause harm to you or others? 


Information is everywhere and there is a glut of opinions, news, and data on the internet when making a decision. Some of this information is accurate and is free of bias while other information exists just to manipulate you. This is an exercise in discernment. For this week's discussion, you will select two (2) sources from the internet and complete the .

Q 12

Read this  from National Public Radio.  Were you encouraged to discuss issues of power in your own sex education?  Do you agree or disagree with the interviewee's perspective, and why?


Many companies use social media as a means to communicate with consumers. Additionally, companies are increasingly discovering the power of social media "influencers" to promote their brands and products.

Please watch the TED Talk from Rachel David, CEO of Hashtag Communications, an influencer marketing company. 

After reviewing the video, discuss your thoughts on the content. What surprised you? Do you think David is correct in her assertions? What does she mean when she calls social media marketing the "Wild West"?