Soc 426 Policy Analysis Bills-Laws-choices

AB 1266 – School Success & Opportunity Act (students’ access to educational resources shall correspond to the student’s gender identity.)

AB 15 – California End of Life Option Act (allows terminally ill patients to request aid in dying in certain clearly defined situations)

AB 1008 – Fair Choice Act (Ban the Box-prohibits employers of more than 5 employees from asking about your conviction history before making you a job offer)

AB 60 – driver's licenses will be available for California residents regardless of immigration status.

Prop 64 – Adult Use of Marijuana Act (legalize cannabis in California)

Prop 47 – Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative (law that changed certain low-level crimes from potential felonies to misdemeanors.

AB 2757 – Agricultural workers Overtime Bill (overtime for farm workers would match other workers)

SB 1143 – bars the use of solitary confinement and isolation for purposes of punishment, retaliation or coercion of minor detainees in California juvenile facilities.

SB 1322 – bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers under 18 years old on prostitution charges.