Political Science Question

Attached are the instructions. Please bid if you are familiar with the following books or if you are willing to read the books.

I do not have the books we will need to find it together. If needed I will pay for the book.

I. The Athenian Polis: The Politics of Tragedy, Disintegration, and Philosophic Self-
Discovery and Recovery.

a. The Politics of Tragedy and Philosophy
i. Sophocles, “Antigone”
ii. Strauss, What is Political Philosophy?
iii. Plato, “Euthyphro” in West and West.
iv. Strauss, on Irony

b. The Politics of Disintegration: Philosophy’s challenge to Politics
i. Plato, “The Apology of Socrates” in West and West.
ii. Plato, “Crito” in West and West.