Population Health Question

Windshield Survey Presentation for Nutley New Jersey

Create a presentation powerpoint and answer all the following questions. Include photos of Nutley New Jersey depending on what question is asking, Include citations (in- text and citation page). DO NOT use chat gbt or plagiarize

Physical Environment

  • What are the boundaries of the community?
  • What is the climate, air and water quality?
  • Describe the type and condition of the housing; what percent are owner occupied vs. rented?
  • What is the overall appearance of the neighborhoods?
  • Is there specialized housing available for low income, elderly and disabled populations?
  • How is waste collected/ disposed? Include information on sewage,industrial waste, and toxic chemicals.
  • What are environmental characteristics that pose health risks, potential for man-made or natural disaster?


  • Who are the major Who are employers in the community?
  • What are the major occupations of the population >25 years of age?
  • What are the educational levels of the population >25 years of age?
  • What is the median income of the population (per household)?
  • What percent of the population falls below the poverty level?


  • Are there libraries in the community? Are they handicap-accessible?
  • How many schools are in the community? What grade level, public or private, what are enrollments?
  • Are there specialized educational facilities for developmentally disabled populations?
  • Are school programs culturally and linguistically appropriate for the population?

Safety/ Transportation

  • What is the rate of violent crime? Compare with the last five years, to other communities of similar size and characteristics, state and national average.
  • What are the characteristics of the fire and police departments and ambulance transport?
  • Is public transportation available, adequate?
  • What is the condition of the roads? What are traffic conditions?
  • Are roads clearly marked, stop signs and traffic lights visible and working?