For this assignment, you will discuss what you have learned in Unit III and Unit IV by creating a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses the case studies listed below.

The purpose of this presentation assignment is to research emerging technologies that impact businesses and society and how individuals, businesses, and government organizations go about protecting users in the cyberworld. The technologies we focus on in this research are in telecommunications, the Internet, and wireless technologies. These technologies improve the human workforce, bring value not only to frontline workers but also entire organizations, and change the industrial landscape.

This assignment will help to develop your critical thinking and research skills as you research each of these scenarios. You will review each case study and create a PowerPoint presentation that provides a thorough analysis and a demonstrates your synthesis of the concepts presented in units III and IV.

Based on your reading of the case study “Does Big Data Provide the Answer?” from Chapter 6, address the prompts below in a minimum of four slides.

· Explain the term big data in your own words.

· Discuss how Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify used big data to better serve their customers.

· Describe the limitations of using big data.

· Discuss at least one ethical or security issue that big data can pose to individuals.

After reviewing the case study “The Internet of Things Aids Waste Management” from Chapter 7 of your eTextbook, create at least three slides for your presentation that address the prompts below.

· Identify the problem described in this case study. Is it a management problem, an organizational problem, or a technology problem? Explain your answer.

· What role has information technology and the IoT played in helping cities deal with their waste management problems? Describe the IT applications that are being used for this purpose.

· How successful are these IT applications as a solution? Explain your answer.

Next, review the case study “Google, Apple, and Facebook Battle for Your Internet Experience” from Chapter 7, and address the prompts below in at least four slides.

· Explain what is meant by  mobile technology.

· Discuss how telecommunications and mobile technology networks are vital to companies and how they are fundamentally changing organizational strategies.

· Discuss the mobile strategy used by Google, Apple, and Facebook.

· Discuss at least two challenges posed by the Internet and networking.

Finally, review the case study “Capital One: A Big Bank Heist from the Cloud” from Chapter 8, and address the prompts below in at least four slides.

· Discuss at least two security threats to cloud data.

· What should companies do to protect cloud data?

· Discuss why both the company and the cloud vendor are responsible for security.

· Discuss at least one security control that companies can use to increase security.

In formatting your PowerPoint presentation, do not use the question-and-answer format; instead, use bullets, graphs, and/or charts in your slides to identify important points, and then discuss those points in the speaker notes of each slide. The speaker notes section of each slide should not repeat slide information, but serve as an area in which you augment or elaborate on slide information so that your audience has a better understanding of the material. You must have a minimum of 100 words in the Speaker Notes section of each content slide.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides in length (not counting the title and reference slides). You are required to use a minimum of two peer-reviewed, academic sources that are no more than 5 years old to support each case study. You may use your eTextbook once in each case study. All sources used, including the eTextbook, must be referenced; all paraphrased material must have accompanying in-text citations. At least two sources must come from the CSU Online Library. APA style and formatting is required.