Choose 2 of the following areas to discuss:

1. Do you think you are a role model for nursing practice in your healthcare setting? If so, what qualities enable you role-model effectively? If not, what qualities would enhance your ability to role-model?

2. What social determinants of health affect health inequities globally? 

3. How has nursing historically analyzed data?  What has been the major focus? 

4. Discuss the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence.

5. One role of the DNP graduate is to evaluate care delivery models.  Identify and briefly discuss a theory/model that may used by the DNP graduate to evaluate care delivery models.



Once you complete the DNP Role Assignment paper, you will be presenting your information using Voice Thread.  For this assignment, you will give a 5 – 10 minute  presentation describing your DNP role analysis. This will be accomplished using Voice Thread  and  it will be posted in Voice Thread for peer review.  

This assignment enables the learners to meet Course SLO #1, 2, 4. 

You can either do a 3-8 slide power point and narrate it or feel free to give a presentation using the video media capabilities. It is great to be able to see the speaker using video. 


Important Notes: 

· It will be a 10-15  minute presentation using a video or audio -  beginning with PPT slides. This should be a brief presentation of the gaps you identified, research needs and what the next steps will be on this topic.

· Maximum of 12 slides: Be concise on the slides and then add more information as you present it.

· Suggested slides:

· Title Slide – include your name and the specific focus of your topic

· Slide #1- Describe why this is your area of interest and why important

· Slide #2/3- Major Findings about role- be sure to cite the articles on the slide as you address the findings (use a smaller number for 1st author or use numbers only given space restraints)

· Slide 4- SWOT Analysis

· Slide #5- PEST Analysis

· Slide #6- Gaps in Literature

· Slide #7- Research Needs

· Slide #8/9- Next steps in role transition

· Slide #10 References

· This is not a hard and fast number  but we don't want more than 10-12 slides and it should be < 20 minutes presentation.