Prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on your final paper. The slides should include main points for your presentation and act as a visual support for your presentation (please make it visually appealing by include some relevant images/graphics and not only text).

1. Introduction

0. Motivate your audience by tying your topic to them

0. Build your ethos

0. Clearly and explicitly state your thesis question & central message

0. The introduction should not be too brief or too long

1. Body

1. Use a variety of supporting materials, not just explanations, but also analogies, statistics, historical examples, personal experiences, opinions, etc.

1. Offer evidence to support all doubtful assertions

1. Cite sources for any information that is not general knowledge

1. Conclusion

2. Summarize the key evidence used to argue your thesis

2. Have a smooth and final effective statement/conclusion

2. Make sure the end of presentation is clear, and it does not stop abruptly or drift off