PRESENTION ABOUT ethics of veganism

OCAA #3 will be a demonstration of your ability to communicate civilly and ethically with another individual that sees a social issue differently than you do. The goals of the guided interview/conversation are to learn about your partners views on the topic, their core values that inform their position, and how their core values developed. To accomplish these goals, you will use ethical communication skills such as active listening, mindfulness, civil questioning, and paraphrasing. The interview/conversation will take approximately 10 minutes and needs to be centered on a social issue of some weight. Examples include reproductive healthcare, immigration, gun regulation, school vouchers, etc. It will be done in an intimate setting where it will be just you, your partner, and the primary instructor. Your partner could be a classmate or another person you know but it is your responsibility to find a partner and select a social issue that you and them disagree on. Keep in mind that they will need to be available for the assigned date and time of the interview/conversation.

To assist in successfully navigating OCAA #3 an interview guide is provided for you on Blackboard. This interview guide will need to be completed and submitted on Blackboard by midnight the night before the date you are scheduled. Youre probably getting sick of hearing this, but just another reminder that this assignment cannot be made-up if missed.