Project 2 and adding a drew

Project 2 Sol Lewitt Line Drawings

Early on in the semester we talked about Sol Lewitt and his line drawings. Lewitts works all

stem from sets of instructions that he made. Many of his pieces have been completed by people

other than himself, and his works are reproducible even today after his death. His instructions are

often open to interpretation depending on the person executing them. For this activity, you will

use his instructions to create your own line drawing, and you will reflect with a classmate on

how yours compares and contrasts to theirs.

Make a drawing by following the instructions below.

o 1. Find a piece of paper and a writing utensil (or multiple, be creative if you


o 2. Draw 24 tiny circles anywhere on a piece of paper.

o 3. Connect 12 of the circles with straight lines.

o 4. Connect 12 of the circles with wavy lines.

After completion, meet with a classmate and compare drawings

In your reflection, discuss the differences between your drawings

o Please include the name of the classmate so that I can compare drawings and see

what you did.

Please submit an image of your drawing (cellphone images are fine!) along with your 1-

page reflection