PSCH 320 Writing in psychology

For paper 2, you will design a prevention, intervention or treatment program using the community psychology principles we are learning in class. This intervention should be directly related to your social problem.

The primary goal of paper 2 is to find a way to reduce the social problem you selected through a community-based intervention. You need a total of 5 (or more) peer-reviewed sources. At least one of these sources should be about a prevention or intervention already in existence. You are permitted to use the 3 sources you used in Paper 1, but you will need at least 2 more sources. You can also change your social problem, but it will be more efficient to use the same topic.

Your sources must be paraphrased and integrated into the paper and cited in APA style. The papers are expected to be approximately 4-6 pages in length, although paper length will vary by student. Its much more important that you meet the requirements of the assignments than meet a specific page requirement.

Paper 2 should have the following sections:

1) Introduction section

The main reason you write the Introduction section is to explain to the reader what is known in your selected area.

a) Social problem. You should use peer-reviewed articles to explain important concepts related to your social problem.

b) Existing interventions. You should have at least one peer-reviewed article describing an existing intervention related to your social problem. Your explanation of the intervention should be critical; meaning that you offer reasons that the intervention is incomplete, has not been performed in your population, etc.

2) Rationale for your study and the studys hypothesis/hypotheses

a) The rationale of the study summarizes the issues you summarized in the Introduction section and affirms to the reader why you have justification to do this study. The purpose of this study is to.

This section should also provide an explanation of why you think your intervention will have an impact on the social problem you selected.

b) It is hypothesized that participants in _______ intervention will have significantly different _____________ scores than participants in the control condition.

3) Method section

a) Participants: Explain who was in the study.

b) Procedure: Explain how the study was carried out.

c) Intervention: This is the section in which you describe, in detail, your intervention.

d) Measures: Provide measures that could assess the variables that should be affected by your intervention. For instance, an intervention might be expected to reduce symptoms of depression in participants. The student could use the Beck Depression Inventory to measure symptoms of depression. The measure should be cited in APA style. The APA manual describes how to do this in detail.

4) References

All students should have a References page formatted in APA style. All sources cited within the paper should be listed on the References page.

My topic is in the paper 2 worksheet. I need a sample paper not a sample of the worksheet. Please follow the rubric and use the worksheet as somewhat of an outline.