1.Multiple Intelligences is the theory that there are eight different types of intelligence. They are Musical, Spatial, Body Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Logical-Mathematical, Naturalist, and Linguistic intelligences.

The results that I am high in Visual 39, Verbal 35, Logical 34, Intrapersonal 33, Interpersonal 30, Musical 28, Body 25, and Naturalistic 18; are very consistent with my perception of me. I am a visual learner and not too excited about doing body activities, and I can live without pets of any kind. While nature doesnt move me at all. I will watch a show about Nature or the Jungle, but I dont want to be in either. 

I believe the test was culturally fair because it covered a lot of different issues and wasnt biased toward any particular group.

Multiple intelligences can be used to design different curriculums that highlight different intelligences. 


What is meant by Multiple Intelligences? I believe multiple intelligences is a way to describe different ways of learning as everyone does not learn or can see things the same. 

Take the Multiple Intelligence Inventory. After taking the IQ test, hopefully, I did this right. The first test I took was Intermediate vocational education level the score was fair. Classical Intelligence test. The 2nd was the free culture fair IQ test, where I scored a 93, surprising because I had no idea what I was doing or looking at. It was like sitting in a psychiatrist’s chair describing what you see in a picture. That was weird. 

Are the results consistent with your perception of yourself? I don’t know. I would not say that I am an overly smart or very intelligent individual, but I will say that I am smart, I am knowledgeable. Maybe the IQ test is showing me something I can not see. However, I have to question that what am I? The test was not telling me anything about myself, honestly. 

Culturally fair. What is Culturally fair? “Also called culture-free, are designed to provide an accurate assessment of the criterion or target concept without favoring knowledge of any one culture. It is designed to eliminate bias or disadvantage regarding socioeconomic status, language written or relies on verbal or reading abilities.” (Culture-Fair Test) After reading into what the test stood for, I will say it is Culturally fair. The test to be is to show whether or not you have the ability to I guess, see things differently with the knowledge you already know