PSY650 Week Three Treatment Plan

Behaviorally Defined Symptoms: Rita attempts to control her weight by fasting or consuming large

quantities of food (e.g., multiple slices of pizza, gallons of ice cream) followed by purging (vomiting).

Rita binges two to three times per week, and reports feeling “guilty” after each episode.

Diagnostic Impression: Bulimia Nervosa

Long-Term Goal: Reduce bingeing and compensatory behaviors by changing distorted attitudes about

weight and any other thinking patterns.

Short-Term Goal: Establish regular eating patterns by eating in regular intervals and consuming 2,000

calories per day.

Intervention 1: Dr. Heston will educate Rita about the etiology of eating disorders.

Intervention 2: Rita will read psychoeducational handouts and treatment manuals for homework.

Intervention 3: Rita will monitor her food consumption using a nutritional journal.

Intervention 4: Dr. Heston will teach Rita how to identify dysfunctional thinking and develop

more healthy cognitions and coping skills.

For additional information regarding Rita’s case history and the outcome of the treatment interventions,

please see Dr. Heston’s session notes under Case 9 in Gorenstein and Comer’s (2015), Case Studies in

Abnormal Psychology.