PSY650 Week Two Case Studies

You are a psychologist working for an agency whose policy states that an assessment and

diagnosis must be rendered within 48 hours of an initial session with a client. Please review and

choose one of the following cases to diagnose.

The Case of Amanda

Amanda is a 16-year-old Hispanic female that was referred to treatment due to body image issues.

Her parents believe that she has an eating disorder because she restricts her food intake and

exercises excessively. Amanda denies any compensatory behaviors, but reports the following

symptoms: anxiety, trouble sleeping through the night, and not feeling like a worthwhile person.

She has reservations about seeking treatment because confidentiality is not guaranteed. She has

agreed to attend the first session and opted to use insurance to pay for it. Her insurance company

will allot her 8 sessions upon receipt of her diagnosis. What diagnosis would you give Amanda?

The Case of Charles

Charles is a 33-year-old African American male seeking treatment due to suicidal ideation. He is

currently going through divorce proceedings and reports feeling agitated, angry, sad, and stressed

most days. He is concerned that his relationship issues have begun to impact his responsibilities at

work and fears losing his job. Charles is open to seeking treatment, but his insurance provider is

out-of-network. His insurance company is willing to reimburse him for up to 8 sessions if an

acceptable diagnosis is submitted. What diagnosis would you give Charles?