PSYC 410 emotional intelligence- positive aspects

Dr. William Larkin shares in the video Emotion and Evolution, What you think about and what you feel is what you will build in your brain. This week you will practice being intentional about your thoughts associated with the identified person you have been using for your Emotional Intelligence assignments.

Assignment Instructions

  • Keep a log Monday-Friday. Set an alarm to go off two times each day, clear your mind, and write positive aspects of the person in your identified conflict noted in Week 1(attached below). Input the day, time of day, and list 3-5 bullet points describing positive aspects of the identified person. With two entries each day, there should be a total of 6-10 positive aspects listed for each day. Use their first name for this activity. Example:
    • Monday:
    • 8:00 am:
      • John is generous. He allowed me to borrow his car when I had to take mine to the shop.
      • John is kind-hearted. When he sees someone in need, he readily finds a way to help.
      • John is patient. When Ive had a long day and I want to vent, he patiently listens.
    • 8:00 pm:
      • John is great with his kids! Hes an excellent dad and makes time with his children a priority.
      • John is caring. When I was going through the loss of my mom, he reached out to see how I was doing several times.
      • John is creative. John can always find a new and creative approach to manage problems.
Assignment Requirements
  • Citation Requirements: n/a
  • Word Count: minimum 600
  • Submit the written blog