psych week 11 dq 1



For the most part, the theories you explored in this course focused on Western cultures. Western cultures often are the baseline when conducting cross-cultural comparisons. Miao and Wangs (2003) article examining Chinese developmental psychology provides insight into how another culture examines human development. While major developmental theorists and researchers (e.g., Gesell) influenced Chinese researchers, the topics of interest for Chinese researchers did not necessarily reflect those of Western researchers.

This course has introduced multiple perspectives and presented culturally diverse research examining all phases of human development. For this Discussion, consider what led research to be conducted to examine diverse settings and groups. Was it an attempt to broaden the population within which the findings could be applied, a reaction to a gap in the literature, or perhaps a critique of a conclusion or theory?

If you have not had an opportunity to delve into a statistics or methodology course, some of the techniques in this weeks research articles might be confusing, but the process that the researchers used should be understandable.



To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review this weeks Learning Resources and consider the applicability of American/Western developmental psychology to Non-Western countries and cultures.

Post your thoughts about the applicability of American/Western developmental psychology to Non-Western countries and cultures. Explain why it is important for developmental psychology to consider cross-cultural perspectives explaining human development. Justify your post with specific examples and citations from the Learning Resources. Use proper APA format and citations.


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