Now this is one area of psychology that contains a diversity of opinions, both learned and ‘personal’. So, here goes a few thoughts to get you thinking.

1. When do you believe medications are warranted for treating psychological disorders? [Distinguish your answer between children and adults.] Sadly, some who need medication for their disorders refuse to use them.

2. Until you read this chapter, what did you think of ‘mental illness’ compared to how you now understand it to be? Did your opinions change on this matter?

3. If you know someone with a mental illness and feel comfortable posting it, how is the person treated (or refuse to be treated) and how difficult has the person’s progress been over the years?

I kept these somewhat general so your answers can reflect diversity of opinions…While the DSM-5 is the current manual, there are still those who still use the DSM-IV-TR, this question is a fusion between both manuals.

Some points:

1. Agoraphobia is no longer linked to Panic Disorder

2. Go with my descriptions of Bipolar Disorder from my notes- after reviewing the DSM-5 and what has been noted in several texts, there is definitely some misinterpretation of what the manual is actually saying.