Public Health Question

You will be assigned an individual who was listed by Forbes as a Top Leader in the Healthcare Industry in 2020. You will do research on your assigned healthcare leader according to the instructions below and prepare an oral presentation. You must also provide a minimum two-page paper in APA format discussing your healthcare leader, and the information you researched on them. Make sure to include a reference list to show where you found your information. The written paper will be due by midnight on Monday, March 11th, and the oral presentation will be given in class on March 12th. You will need to make note cards for your oral presentation, and you will use these as a guide. Make sure to review your information and practice the presentation in advance. You should not be reading straight from the note cards during your presentation, as they should only be a reference to keep you on topic. You will turn in your note cards after you have completed the oral presentation, so make sure they are organized and legible. Please include the following key elements on your assigned healthcare leader:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Educational background
  • Professional experience
  • Current employment and length of time in their position
  • Major achievements
  • One thing you found interesting about this person
  • the leader is ( Megan Blewett, Ph.D., Life Sciences Investor, Venrock)
  • Please do at least 2 pages, and also an oral presentation with the notes.