Public Health Question

Purpose: Selecting health information systems is one of the most important decisions a healthcare organization can make due to its impact on operations, patient care, and employee satisfaction. A thoughtful selection process will ensure that the best technology is selected within budgetary constraints in order to meet the needs of the organization.

Instructions: Imagine that you work for a new healthcare provider. This could be a small physicians office or a brand new hospital. You have been tasked with overseeing the selection process and researching EHR companies for your practice. Over the next two weeks of class, you will outline key criteria necessary for evaluating EHR selection and perform independent research on various EHR companies.

Part I will set the stage for your EHR selection. Write a 2-3 page memo to your CEO where you recommend key steps for your EHR selection. You may use this template.

In your memo, address the following objectives.

1. Describe your hypothetical practice. This could be an organization you already work in or a potential employer. Describe the size of the organization, location, and type of care provided.

2. Address the following questions in your memo:

a. Who will serve on the EHR selection committee and identify key stakeholders within the organization.

b. What is your anticipated time frame? Detail the specific steps in your time frame.

c. What criteria will you consider when narrowing your choices?

d. Define a Request for Proposal and discuss how you could use this in the selection process

e. How will you conduct your due diligence?

f. Once you have selected your vendor, what are some of the important items you will include in the contract negotiation?

3. Provide a brief 1-2 sentence summary statement or conclusion to end your memo