Purchasing Power and Inflation

In your own words, explain the meaning of purchasing power, inflation, and deflation in a paragraph. Explain the effects of purchasing power and inflation. What is the current inflation rate? Do you think this will affect purchasing power greatly or not? How has inflation/deflation effected your personal life?

You will be investigating the how the purchasing power of the 2020 dollar changes over time. Looking at the data tables I’ve provided, can you give a time frame of where inflation versus deflation occurred and explain how you can use the purchasing power to determine which is occurring

This is just part 1 of the assignment.

Choose 15 years from the data Ive provided you can choose any 15 years, consecutive, skip around, all up to you.Explain why you chose the years that you did as complete sentences. Create the data tables as Ive demonstrated below (you can format however you want, you don’t need to exactly copy) in a word processor